Orlando Travel Guide

So your planning to come to Florida finally and you want to visit Orlando well let me tell you that the fun and experiences there is there are incomparable, for instance visiting Walt Disney World is a must, as well as some of the most attractive theme parks in Florida like Busch gardens in Tampa florida for more extreme rides if you get bored of the ones in Walt Disney World

So Lets being so you have all your gear for your Vacation sunscreen, ID, clothing and so on… here are some places I would recommend to check out once you land in Orlando Int Airport,

So first thing is first rental car you can either take a taxi or you can get a rental car to use for your vacation if you want something that is more up scale like an exotic car you have company’s like Orlando Exotic Car Rentals that can send you a car directly to Orlando airport if you are renting a vehicle more then 5 days delivery and pickup is free and they are running a promotion right now if you take a vehicle for 7 days you get an extra 100 miles so you have 800 miles to play with for the week, yay road trip with your exotic.


If your more on the simples side there are plenty of other options available from small commuter cars to vans that can comfortable seat 7 if your coming with your family or with friends a van is definitely the way to go, just make sure what ever vehicle you choose that the A/C works because your going to need it.

So with that covered next is hotels or if you would like to air bnb go for it there are plenty of places in town that look amazing.

Next Things to do,

Like I mentioned earlier Walt Disney world is your go to attraction that I would recommend anyone going to florida to be there at least once in there life, its amazing full of fun, and rides, your kids are going to love it.

Depending on what day you go make sure you go during the week days becuase the weekends are packed and the waiting lines can be as long as 45 minutes. unless you don’t mind spending the extra money for a Fast Pass then I would recommend going on the weekdays, just becuase there is not going to be to much people, but keep in mind that Disney World does sell seasons passes and the locals do enjoy them so no matter what day you choose hope for the worst and the best will come.

along with the entertainment if you want to get out of town there are plenty of beaches that are not only hot but also very beautiful with shells like no other and many fish that will sometimes just swim up and just tickle your toes, I thought fish were very afraid of us but they know we are way to slow for them so they don’t bother. Along side of that there are also sting rays that look like sharks when they surface to surf the waves so do not be afraid of them becuase it might look like a fin but its only a stingray laughing you called him a shark or worse freaking out becuase he thinks there is a shark near by.

But with all animals head this warning if you don’t bother them they will not bother you, simple rule to live by

I hope you enjoy your trip to orlando and don’t forget your sun screen